About Us

Our Mission

We founded HomePace to address a growing need for financial flexibility.

With a looming retirement crisis and the increased headwind of rising prices for first time homebuyers, Americans need more options to access capital without the burden of debt.

Tapping into a home’s value opens up flexibility many individuals don’t have today.

Who We Are

HomePace is made up of a team of professionals with deep experience in real estate, technology, wealth management, and consumer finance. We are using our collective experience to transform the way people own homes to give them greater financial power.

The team at HomePace previously worked together to democratize and deliver first-class wealth management capabilities to everyday Americans. Throughout that experience, the team recognized that there were historically only three levers to improve financial stability: make more money, save more money, or improve investment returns (which often involves taking more risk!).

For many people these solutions are not an option within the timeframe they may need money, or require too much risk, to achieve goals like buying a house, paying for college, or funding their retirement. HomePace is unlocking an asset that consumers have previously been unable to utilize to its full financial potential – their home.

We are taking one of the world’s largest asset classes, residential real estate, and turning it into a true asset for consumers.


How It Works

We bring together parties with complementary interests – homebuyers and homeowners who seek capital without debt, and institutional investors seeking to invest capital in residential real estate.

Join Our Team

Interested in our mission? Want to join the team? Contact us at careers@homepace.com.