Double your down payment

A home equity investment makes it easier to achieve your dreams of homeownership

Boost your budget without breaking the bank

It’s called a home equity investment.

We match your downpayment and become a shareholder in your home. Instead of charging you monthly interest, we share in the gains or losses in your home’s value when you choose to sell.

Reach 20%+ on your down payment
Never pay monthly payments or interest
Expand your options with a bigger budget

Get the keys without the compromise

With a home equity investment, you get the financial flexibility to look for your perfect home—all without the burden of monthly payments or interest.

How a home equity investment works

By becoming an investor in your property, we’re able to give you access to funds without you taking on the burden of debt.

Line up financing and find your home

You work with a lender to get pre-approved for a mortgage, and start your search for a home. We can guide you toward homes and areas most likely to qualify for a HomePace investment.

Double your down payment with our investment

Because it’s an investment instead of a loan, you get to avoid the stress that comes with debt. You’ll never owe us a monthly payment, and there’s no interest.

We both share in your home’s gains (or losses) in the future

In exchange for our investment, we share in the gains or losses in your home’s value when you sell.

Our share is personalized for every agreement. We’ll work with you to see what makes sense for your situation.

Thousands of homes worth over


have received home equity investments