Turn locked-up equity into money in-hand

With a home equity investment, you can get up to $250,000 now with no monthly payments.

HomePace helps you get it done

Improve your home

Pay off your debt

Buy a second home

Fund your retirement

Cover an emergency

Tap into a new alternative to loans and credit

It’s called a home equity investment.

We give you a lump sum upfront and become a shareholder in your home. Instead of charging you monthly interest, we share in the gains or losses in your home’s value when you choose to sell.

Access value from your home today, not just when you sell
Say goodbye to monthly payments and interest
Enjoy increased cashflow and greater financial flexibility

How a home equity investment works

By becoming an investor in your property, we’re able to give you access to funds without you taking on the burden of debt.

Get money upfront from our investment

As an investor, we give you a lump sum upfront in exchange for getting to share in the future value of your home—gains or losses.

You can use the investment however you want—we are just a silent shareholder in the background.

Enjoy financial flexibility without worry

Use your new funds to tackle whatever your goals may be. Because you’re getting an investment instead of a loan, you’ll never owe us a monthly payment, and there’s no interest.

You also stay in full control over your home. Our passive investment doesn’t entitle us to any decision-making or involvement.

We both share in your home’s gains (or losses) in the future

In exchange for our investment, we share in the gains or losses in your home’s value when you sell.

Our share is personalized for every agreement. We’ll work with you to see what makes sense for your situation.

Thousands of homes worth over


have received home equity investments