See how home equity investments work

The details of each agreement are unique and will be tailored to your specific situation. For now, here’s a basic overview to show you how it generally works.

Home equity investments put your dreams within reach

You can use the funds from a home equity investment to tackle all kinds of financial goals: home renovations or repairs, paying off debt, funding retirement, and more.

To see how it works, let’s look at how Kelsey used an investment to improve her home.

Let’s say Kelsey wants $50,000 to renovate her kitchen

However, she wants to avoid the burdens of monthly payments and interest that come with a loan.

Luckily, she finds HomePace.

Next, Kelsey gets a home equity investment

HomePace invests in Kelsey’s home and gives her $50,000 upfront. In exchange, Kelsey agrees to share a percentage of her home’s future value with HomePace.

The percentage is unique to each investment. It’s determined based on your current home’s value, existing equity in the home, geographic region and credit risk. Find out your percentage by talking with HomePace advisor today.

With her new funds, Kelsey starts planning her new kitchen

Kelsey takes her $50,000 and uses it for her dream: a fully renovated kitchen. Since she used a home equity investment instead of a loan, she gets to enjoy her new space without the stress of monthly payments.

Fast forward: Kelsey sells her home a few years later

The most likely scenario is that Kelsey’s home will have gained in value, and we all win. If not, we also share in losses, which helps reduce Kelsey’s overall loss, too.

If the home gained value: Kelsey and HomePace share in the value gained, with each receiving their portion of the sale amount per their original agreement.

If the home lost value: In this unlikely scenario, Kelsey and HomePace both share in the loss. Kelsey is saved from absorbing the entire loss alone.

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