Our people-first process

We put humans at the heart of our process, not bots and AI. Your home is your most valuable asset—our team treats it that way.

Here’s how it works

Getting started

We start with the basics. An expert from our team will do a quick, no-obligation intro call to explain home equity investments in more detail and answer your questions.

Working out the details

We pride ourselves on transparency, and giving the fairest offers possible. To get there, our team will need to verify the details about your property and your overall financial picture.

Getting your funds

We’ll provide you with an offer, and walk you through it step by step. If you accept it, both of us will sign the paperwork, and then we’ll wire you the funds.

As a silent shareholder, that’s where our involvement stops until the agreement ends. You can use the money however you’d like, and you stay in full control over your home. Our investment doesn’t entitle us to any decision-making.

Ending the agreement

Most commonly, the agreement ends when you decide to sell your home. However, you can choose to buy us out at any time. We’ll receive our share of the sale amount, which ends our investment agreement.

Now see how HomePace can work for you

Common questions

What if I don’t decide to sell my home?
Our agreements last for up to 15 years—but that doesn’t mean you’re forced to sell your home in 15 years if you don’t want to.

You’ll have options at that point. You can simply pay HomePace our share, based on your home’s value at the end of those 15 years. You may also have the option to continue with us through a second agreement on a case-by-case basis.

How is HomePace’s share of the sale amount determined?
The share amount is unique to each agreement. It’s determined by factors like the size of the upfront payment you are seeking, your credit score, the amount of equity you have in your home, and the real estate market in your area. The split is set before you sign the HomePace contract and does not change.

If you’d like to chat in more detail, you can email us at support@homepace.com.