Serve more of your clients with HomePace

Our home equity investments can help your clients tackle their financial goals stress-free

Trusted by financial partners across the country

A new option for tapping into home equity

It’s called a home equity investment.

We give homeowners or homebuyers funds upfront and become a shareholder in their home. Instead of charging monthly interest, we share in the gains or losses in their home’s value when they choose to sell.

A new complement or alternative to traditional debt
Can be paired with a mortgage or HELOC, or be used by itself

We partner with credit unions, community banks, financial advisors, and other lenders nationwide.

Our investments help homeowners and homebuyers achieve their goals

Help homeowners get value from their home

We give homeowners an immediate cash sum based on their home’s current value. In exchange, we share in a percentage of the home’s future appreciation or depreciation.

Give homebuyers a bigger downpayment

We match a homebuyer’s down payment with an immediate cash sum. In exchange, we share in a percentage of the home’s future appreciation or depreciation.

Empower your clients with a new path forward

HomePace is a good option for homeowners or homebuyers who:

  • are seeking financing in addition to what they are receiving from their financial institution
  • want to access home equity without a loan
  • might not qualify for other solutions due to debt-to-income or other criteria
  • are cash-flow sensitive

Why partner with HomePace?

Offering your clients home equity investments is a win-win. Your clients get the solution they need, and you get to better serve your clients.

Serve more clients

Give a path forward to clients who previously didn’t have one.

Incremental revenue

You succeed when you help your clients succeed.

No administrative burden

We provide our own capital, and manage all underwriting and servicing for clients.

Our people-first process

We handle cases with care, ensuring a continued positive relationship with your clients.

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